NEWS: Released the "Pen And Paper Animation" application


- Pen and Paper, a drawing application for touch phones
- Frodo for S60 and S80 etc.
- Python apps: Creepy Invaders and PyFolder
- Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) for Epoc
- CDoom
- EMame9210

Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) for Epoc

This is my Epoc port of SDL, the cross-platform multimedia library. The Epoc port is a preliminary version. I have compiled some demo and test programs over it and they work reasonably well in Nokia 9210 Communicator. Though, there is still a lot to do. In the source package there is a rough list of the features that are still to implement (Readme.Epoc).

This is Open Source software and you are very welcome to try it, test it, improve the code and implement the missing pieces. If you have any fix suggestions, improvements, code excerpts etc., contact me by email. Please start the mail subject with a string "EPOC SDL:".

Current version of SDL for Epoc is v0.2.


Here are complete SDL sources(1.2.0) including the Epoc port. There are also binary files for 9210 of some compiled SDL test programs. (v0.1)

Here are some SDL demos ported to Epoc, including sources, binary files and screenshots. In most cases, only screen resolution and depth is changed for Nokia 9210 Communicator screen. (v0.1) (v0.1)

Here are Epoc build files for SDL_image. Sources for SDL_image are in SDL libraries page. (v0.1)

Below is an UIQ port (Thanks Standy!) that has been tested on SE P800. The first zip contains changed source files over official SDL 1.2.8. The second zip contains test program executables for P800. Note: before compiling the sources, remove ELIB.LIB from the ARMI platform.


Some screenshots of the demos running in Nokia 9210 Communicator:

New SDL links!

Now there are two competing(!) versions of upgraded SDL ports that are both based on my original SDL for Epoc (9210) version:

- SDL for S60/S80 used in excellent C2Doom port by Markus, which provides also support for double resolution (352x416) S60 devices, like Nokia N90.
- ESDL for S60/S80/S90/UIQ used in ScummVM, which supports wide range of SymbianOS platforms.