NEWS: Released the "Pen And Paper Animation" application


- Pen and Paper, a drawing application for touch phones
- Frodo for S60 and S80 etc.
- Python apps: Creepy Invaders and PyFolder
- Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) for Epoc
- CDoom
- EMame9210

Frodo for Nokia S^3, S60, S80 and 9210 (e.g. Nokia N8, E7, 5800XM, N97, 9500, N7650, NGage, N95, E90, etc.)

Frodo is a Commodore 64 home computer emulator. It was ported from Christian Bauer's original Frodo for Amiga. Porting for Epoc was done by Jal Panvel and Alfred E. Heggestad. Porting to Nokia 9210 and S60 was done by me. Frodo was released for 9210 on July, 2001. That was the first C64 emulator for any cell phone!


- Easy launching for game roms
- 3 pre-installed games
- Support for D64 and T64 files
- "Quick save" for re-loading the game instantly
- Autofire wiht 10 speed levels
- Different screen scaling modes for optimal gaming experience
- Auto or manual rotation for portrait and landscape gaming
- Two different control layouts for touch phones
- Audio support for sound effects and music (Bilbo feature)
- Accelerometer controls (Bilbo feature)
- On-screen c64 keyboard (Bilbo feature)
- Vibration feedback (Bilbo feature)
- Give most common disk commands from the menu
- The settings dialog for configuring Frodo
- Key mapping files (configurable)
- Keyboard shortcuts (configurable)

From the version 1.6 onwards, Frodo supports S60 5th edition phones which have a touch screen. There are e.g. on-screen controls and on-screen c64 keyboard that is usable by pen or finger. From the v1.7 onwards, Nokia S^3, and Samsung and SE Symbian phones are supported.

If you have problems with Frodo, firstly, read the help text in Frodo application(!). That is found from the menu. You can also browse my Message Board for the solution, or ask questions there.

The Bilbo library provides more features to Frodo, like audio engine (for sound effects and music), sensor (accelerometer) controls, vibration feedback, on-screen C64 keyboard and optimized screen drawing. To enable those those features, you have to install Bilbo library also. Imagine playing Pitstop II by rotating your phone like a steering wheel, or solving Quedex maze by turning the phone in any direction. If you do not want just imagine, look at the YouTube video below and after that get Frodo and Bilbo to your phone! The first video is about Frodo 1.5 (s60 3rd ed.) and second about Frodo 1.6 (s60 5th ed.). Note that sensors and vibration is not supported in all S60 phone models.


Below is a list of S^3 and S60 5th edition phones (could be still more). I have not been tested all ;-), but Frodo & Bilbo should work for most Nokia phones, Samsung Omnia i8910 and Sony-Ericsson Satio.

S^3 and S60 5th ed. phones: N8, E7, C7, C6-01, Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 etc, Samsung Omnia i8910, Sony-Ericsson Satio

Note: If the (green) call key is a touch button, like in N97, you cannot use it as a fire button (disturbs touch controls). Other options for the fire button are: Volume+ key, select key and space key.

Download the installation package below:
Frodo for S^3 and S60 5th edition, v1.7, Installation package

Version history (Frodo & Bilbo):
v1.7 15.11.2009: S^3 and Samsung Omnia(i8910) support, auto/manual rotation, extra screen mode
v1.6 19.10.2009: Touch support


Below is a list of S60 3rd edition phones (could be still more). I have not been tested all ;-), but Frodo & Bilbo should work for most Nokia phones. Nokia 3250 and E50 are the only phones that has been reported to have audio problems. I do not know about Samsung or LG phones.

S60 3rd ed. phones: Nokia 5500, 5700, 6110, 6210, 6120/6121, 6124, 6220, 6290, 6650, N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N78, N80, N81, N82, N91, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N96, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70, Samsung SGH-i400, i450, i520, i550, i560, G810, LG KS10, KT610

Below is a list of phones that has support for sensors in HW.
Sensor API (tested in N95 only): N95 (firmware 20.0.015 and up), N95 8GB, N93i (firmware 20.0.084 and up), N82, 5500
Sensor Framework (not tested!): 6210 Navigator, E66
You can find an updated list in Forum Nokia pages.

Download the installation package below:
Frodo for S60 3rd edition, v1.5, Installation package

Version history (Frodo & Bilbo):
v1.5 19.1.2009: Added Sensors, vibration, on-screen c64 keyboard
v1.0 21.10.2008: updated certificate


NOTE: To enable audio, on-screen keyboard, sensors and vibraton you need Bilbo library.
Note: that you need to have the same version of Bilbo and Frodo, e.g. both v1.5 or both v1.6.
Look at my main page.


Screenshots of Frodo on N7650:


Frodo S60 and S80 FAQ

Other downloads

The German keymap for E90 and a release note for it (Thanks Christian!):
E90 german

Btw. If you want to contribute keymap files for other keyboard versions please contact me by email.

Downloads for N9210

The installation package:

The German keymap.cfg file and the Keyboard layout picture for Frodo. It fixes e.g. missing ':' and '@' when using German 9210 keyboard. The installation instructions are included (Thanks Alex!):
Frodo9210-Keyboard& (New version: 8-may-2003. Now includes the Keyboard cover picture also!)

Btw. If you want to contribute keymap files for other keyboard versions please contact me by email.

Here is something extra for real C64 fans (Thanks Rasmus!):
Frodo keyboard cover for N9210!

Downloads for S80 (N9500 and N9300)

The installation package:

The Finnish keymap and the keyboard layout picture for Frodo. Install this after you have installed Frodo (Thanks Mike!):

Downloads for S60 pre-3rd edition (N7650, N3650, N-Gage, N6600, etc.)

The installation package:
FrodoS60_053_beta_1.sis (For beta testing purposes only! Read more info on the message board.)
FrodoS60_051.sis (final)

An alternative (advanced) keymap file for 3650 (Thanks!):
And instructions for that:

Another alternative keymap files for 3650 (Thanks NeoEgoism!):
And instructions for that:

Source downloads

The sources for Frodo S60 v1.5:
Sources for Frodo for S60 3rd edition, v1.5

The sources for Frodo S80 v0.52. Other versions not tested.:

The sources for Frodo S60 v0.51. Crystal (N9210) version not tested:

The common sources for all devices v.0.50:

Bug fixes to v0.50:
Settingdialogs.cpp (Fixes __SERIES60__macro bug)

UIQ port (for SE P800 etc.)

The sources for the UIQ port (Thanks "AnotherGuest"):

You can download the Frodo UIQ port installation package from web site.