NEWS: Released the "Pen And Paper Animation" application


- Pen and Paper, a drawing application for touch phones
- Frodo for S60 and S80 etc.
- Python apps: Creepy Invaders and PyFolder
- Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) for Epoc
- CDoom
- EMame9210


Mame9210 is a M.A.M.E emulator and frontend for Nokia 9210 Communicator, Crystal category.

For more information about original MAME visit the official MAME web site.
EMame by Peter Van Sebille is the port of MAME to EPOC32 and can be used on Psion devices such as the Series 5mx.
EMame9210 by Hannu Viitala is the port of EMame to Nokia9210.

The current version of EMame9210 is 1.3 and is released under the GNU General Public License. You need about 3.0 Mb free memory to be able to run EMame9210.In addition to a sis-package, you need game rom files. Copy rom files to "\EMame\roms\" folder (EMame can use zipped roms!). Please do not send me mails asking where to find game rom files. You have to get those by yourself. Thanks!


EMame9210 is divided to four exe files because of the memory consumption: EMameSet1.exe, EMameSet2.exe, EMameSet3.exe and EMameSet4.exe. Each exe file contains a different set of drivers. EMame9210 can be started from the file manager by opening one of the exes. You can also add a link to Desk from the file manager.

Each installation package contains one of the driver set exes. The last one contains all four exes. Choose which package to install as you can have only one of the SIS packages installed at a time. A list of drivers gives a hint about which game roms are supported by what driver set.

EMame9210 sources:


Screenshots of actual EMame9210 screens in Nokia 9210 Communicator.