NEWS: Released the "Pen And Paper Animation" application


- Pen and Paper, a drawing application for touch phones
- Frodo for S60 and S80 etc.
- Python apps: Creepy Invaders and PyFolder
- Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) for Epoc
- CDoom
- EMame9210


CDoom is our port of Doom to Communicator, Symbian Crystal platform. This port is based on Sam Lantinga's SDLDoom port. CDoom uses the Epoc version of SDL. Porting of Doom to Epoc was made by us: Hannu Viitala and Markus Mertama. Markus has also coded Launcher, which can be used to launch and manage executables (like CDoom.exe) in Epoc/SymbianOS.

This was the first Doom ever for a Symbian device(!), released originally on 11th September 2001. Maybe even the first color Doom for any handheld device(?). It was released as Open Source project.

Btw. Surprisingly, only a week later, WildPalm software company released their own, closed source, commercial Doom clone for N9210. It was using identical Laucher system as our CDoom. I have not seen any mentions them using our Open Source code, so it all must be pure coincidence...

You need about 3.3 Mb free memory to be able to run CDoom. In addition to sis-package, you need an iwad file. Shareware iwad file can be found by searching "doom1.wad" file from the Web. The file is about 4 MB unzipped. Copy it to the same folder where CDoom.exe is installed (D:\CDoom\).


Combined installation (sis) file for CDoom and Launcher binaries:

CDoom sources (v1.0):


Screenshots of actual CDoom and CDoom launcher screens in Nokia 9210 Communicator.