NEWS: Released the "Pen And Paper Animation" application

Welcome to my homepage.

From this page you can find information about some of my commercial and Open Source software projects for Epoc / Symbian OS. In the links page there are references to other interesting pages containing Open Source projects.

In Messageboard, you are welcome to give any comments, suggestions, ask questions or just put greetings. I will also occasionally write some news about coming releases etc.

Regards, Hannu Viitala

Pen and Paper, a drawing application for touch phones


Frodo and Bilbo

Frodo is an Open Source Commodore 64 emulator for many platforms. I have making Frodo Symbian ports since the year 2001, and all older Frodos are free. For the newest S60 3rd and 5th edition phones, the Frodo is also free (also source codes are available), but without advanced features. You can look at screenshots, watch a video or download Frodo for S60 3rd and 5th edition here.

Bilbo is a gaming library that offers advanced features for Frodo emulator, like audio engine, sensor (accelerometer) and vibration support, and on-screen C64 keyboard. By using it you get all your favourite music and sound effects to work in C64 games, and can play a game just by turning your phone! Note that not all the phones support sensors, more info here. Bilbo is my own code that is not GPL Open Source, but "donationware".

Get Bilbo library!

If you want to get Bilbo, there are two simple steps:
1) Donate some money using the button below ("Donate via Credit Card or PayPal"). You can choose the sum freely :-)
2) I send you Bilbo library installation package by email, usually within a couple of days.

Note: There is one S60 3rd edition device that I know Bilbo does not work: Nokia E50.

Why is this not compeletely free, including Bilbo? Well, I have been involved in Frodo project many years for free as a hobby. Actually, so many that it does not feel like so much fun any more (well..maybe occasionally it still does :-). This time I was asked to do the port and spend my free time, for a small donations from users.

Donate via Credit Card or PayPal

If you like my work and want to support, you can donate via PayPal using the button above. (If you do not yet have an account, here are the links for registration first: PayPal). Credit Card can be used via PayPal button also without registering. With PayPal you get the following text in the form automatically "Support for program development by Hannu Viitala". You can freely choose the amount of money to donate ;-) As a bonus, every donator can get pre-versions of my releases before they come available in public. Just let me know if you are interested to get those. Thanks!

Note for the Finnish donators: Jos haluat maksaa suoraan tilisiirtona, lähetä emailia, niin saat tilinumeroni.

Need a new feature or a new port of Frodo, CDoom or SDL?
Donate your old game console!

Since now all has been free, because it has been fun and interesting to implement. Time to time I get request about new things to implement, some even offering money for that. That kind of requests are often doable but I just have lack of interest and time. However, I have interest in old game consoles and home computers (as you migh have guessed looking at my projects :-) So, if you think it is worth it, donate your old console and I will do the coding on your favorite program. All you have to pay are delivery expences.

You can suggest a feature or a new port for CDoom, Frodo or SDL and tell which device you can donate. The project could even be some other open source project. I am interested in old home computers (C64, Amiga, Spectrum, etc. but not a PC!), gaming consoles (N64, Game Gear, Atari, etc) or perhaps old PDAs. Game cartridges or disks, special controllers and other peripherals are also a good value. The device should be working, at least mostly.

Of course, as we are talking about GPL projects, I shall release all the codes and binaries in public, so the whole open source community gets the benefit also.